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40 thoughts on “Share Your Memories

  1. Dr. Linda Glessner was a highly motivated leader and friend who always determined to earn the admiration and respect from those around her. She possessed a high level of intellect, diplomacy, and passion that carried her through her life with grace, good humor and impeccable style. Her innate creativity, coupled with her impassioned approach to her work, combined to create a dynamic force which commanded an admiration and respect that none close to her will ever forget. I will miss her professionalism, humanity, compassion, sense of humor and grace under pressure, and I will long remember and be impacted by the example she set. She battled her illness with quiet dignity and an ever-increasing compassion for those less fortunate than her . She often spoke of those experiencing suffering in the world without the support she had, and wanted to effect change in their lives upon her recovery. Linda was a beautiful and sensitive individual who conducted herself with the strength of a true champion to the very end of her life, and I will remember her with great affection for the rest of mine.

  2. Dear friends,

    You are present in my thoughts as I share your personal and professional loss.

    Memories of meeting Linda for the first time come back. At a UPCEA annual meeting, I had just announced that UT was posting a position for an Associate Dean. As I was stepping on the down escalator, a whirlwind grabbed my arm, pulled me aside, and enthusiastically informed me that she was that person. After a lengthy process, we were convinced that she was indeed that person who would help complete our team. That was almost six years ago, and her passing has come much too soon. She had many more big ideas to courageously pursue.

    Profound questions arise at times like these, and there are no satisfactory answers. I ask myself how I can honor Linda by keeping her essence present. Of her numerous fine characteristics, I have selected four. Linda placed family first and made the hard decisions for their benefit. She continually learned about higher education and our profession by reading the most recent books and using the newest ideas. She was generous without expecting recognition and made it possible for young men and women to go to college. And she loved a cat, Gambit. I can and will emulate these characteristics that I admired.

    I know just how fortunate Linda was to work with you, and I find consolation in knowing that her last months were better because you kept meeting the needs of students just as you also supported her. I offer my deepest condolences to you and to those who work with you in Continuing and Innovative Education.


  3. I will always admire Linda’s incredible work ethic and energetic personality. Her rapid footsteps down the hall and wonderful sense of humor will be missed dearly.

  4. When I think of Linda, I mostly think of her wonderful and unexpected sense of humor. She had a real knack for diffusing stressful situations with a well-worded comment that would instantly remind everyone around her to “not sweat the small stuff.” She had a way of staying focused on what was really important in both work and life.

    My deepest condolences to her family and friends. Linda will be greatly missed.

  5. Linda had a way of getting others involved in her passion for a project and keeping the enthusiasm and the project moving. She knew how to put the right people together. Her loss is most unfortunate for those who want to provide more opportunities and a better world.

  6. I worked with Linda at the Center for Distance Learning / TAMU and she was such a delight! I have not met many women as strong and dedicated to their job as she was. There are not many people who go out of there way to say “good morning” and take the time to make your day. I will truely miss her beautiful face, kindness and wisdom !!!!!

  7. Linda inspired me to begin and complete my Ph. D program. Her words of encouragement kept me going during several moments in time when I felt I wouldn’t finish this important personal goal. She was a wonderful, kind, and talented friend. She wanted the best for everyone she knew, and she believed that anyone could attain their heartfelt desires. I will never forget her.

  8. I am so deeply saddened by Linda’s passing. I worked closely with Linda when she first came to work at UT CIE (2007-2009). I will always remember her energy and enthusiasm to get a project done. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time.

  9. Dr. Glessner was an inspiring, motivating, and caring leader that had me fired up with her ideas. Whenever she shared the things that where on her mind and how she planned to tackle them, I was ready to assist in any and every way possible that I could. She could say two sentences about some goal and immediately in my mind I was already developing a way that my mail carrier position could possibly tie into it. Although Dr. Glessner was my Executive Director, I slipped up many times by calling her Linda because she made me feel as if I was a huge part of the team. At our old location at TCC, we created “Bring Your Kid’s To Work Day” where Linda set aside almost an hour of her time to take pictures with my daughters. I felt like I was in a little small family so I gave each of us a names to fit our profile: Marla – (Wonder Woman) because she had to be strong to run with Linda, Ms. Liz – (Speedy Gonzales) because she knew everything and processed things fast, Me – (Scooby-Doo) just because I could sound like (Scooby-Doo), and Linda (Road Runner) because she would speak but had to go because work needed to be done. But despite how fast she moved, there would be those days when she would call me in the office, ask me to sit down, and then she would ask me about how my family is doing, tell me little things about herself and her family, and then ask me what was going on around the division. She never made me feel intimidated by her position but welcomed me to come in and talk to her whenever she was in the office. I would often send encouraging emails, speak encouraging words, and leave inspiring messages on her desk when she came out of a tough meeting. One year I even put her name in for Supervisor of the year because I really liked being under her leadership and felt she deserved it. Those good times with Linda will be missed but never forgotten for she was a ((awesome)) leader and very good at what she did.

  10. I am Linda’s 12 year old nephew, I am sad about her passing but I am also very proud to say i’m her nephew. Her list of accomplishments are long, she has lived a long good life. She has also inspired me to try my best to be as smart as I can, I plan on moving to Texas and playing football for one of the Texas teams in memory of her. I will also attened collage there and be the best I can be for her, she was a true leader and she has helped many many children with nothing. She has also told my dad to tell me to follow my dreams no matter what obsticle is in the way for me to try my best.

  11. Linda was a wonderful colleague and friend. I’ll always remember our meeting at the UPCEA Leadership Institute in New York City, where we solidly connected and remained in touch through subsequent conferences and events. We broke loose from the final morning events at last year’s UPCEA conference to catch up and plan for the future. She was a champion and a dynamo, an inspiration, beautiful inside and out. I am heartbroken to know we have lost her, but I know that her legacy as a continuing education leader and a friend will carry on.

  12. I first got to know Linda when we served together on a Commission at UPCEA, our professional association. I was moving into the position of chair and needed to identify someone to serve as my co-chair. I had noticed that Linda had this incredible energy and passion, so I asked myself, “Who could be better than Linda?” Nobody, it turned out. Linda was the perfect professional partner. She was supportive of me in my role while simultaneously showing her own talent for leadership. Together, we helped transform the Commission from a contemplative to an action-oriented body. And I can tell you, Linda wouldn’t have had it any way! From the beginning, her talent for organization was invaluable, and was surpassed only by her enthusiastic attitude.

    Shortly therefore I was fortunate enough to be selected as the new CEO of UPCEA, and Linda moved into the role of Chair of the Commission. Frankly, under Linda’s leadership, the Commission reached its greatest height. Linda was also a tireless volunteer leader in other areas of the associaton. Her wisdom as member of the Board was invaluable as we embarked on a transformative agenda that required boldness, vision, and passion. And her tireless efforts as a co-chair for an important track at our Annual Conference helped make that event a great success.

    On a more personal level, I always enjoyed talking to Linda. I consider myself a high energy person, but talking to Linda was like injecting a triple espresso right into your cortex! Even in Linda’s final weeks her enthusiasm for life was still evident during my phone call with her. Frankly, her optimistic attitude about her recovery was so infectious that she cheered ME up! I am so thankful taht i had that opportunity to talk to her that day. That conversation, more than all the other conversations combined, spoke to the kind of person she was–determined, generous, selfless, indomitable, and kind.

    I will miss her.

  13. I met Linda well over a decade ago when she started attending UCEA Marketing Seminars. She was always so willing to help and made the new people coming to our conferences feel so welcome. I remember when she volunteered for hospitality responsibilities of these early marketing seminars and had things lined up for our attendees. Her energy and spirit were incredible. As her career shot upward, she always stayed in contact with marketers and built upon these relationships. For me, she was the person I always wanted to sit next to at UPCEA meetings and conferences. She was fun to be around, gave great insights and always contributed to the good of the cause … a true team player by any definition. As a friend, I will miss her greatly. We had great, lively conversations that I will miss! I will miss her energy, her leadership, her charm, her smile and her personality.

  14. I worked with Linda at USAA in San Antonio. She was such a talented, beautiful, sweet lady. I’m so very sad to hear of her passing. She made a very positive impact in this world, the short time she was here. May she rest in peace…

  15. I was so terribly shocked and saddened to learn of Linda’s passing. Like others, I met Linda through UPCEA and had the good fortune to work with her and enjoy some recreational time with her as well. My condolences go to her family, close friends and the various communities that she touched with her joy, enthusiasm, energy and charming personality. Linda was fun to be with. She was also a serious colleague, helping to advance the mission of adult and continuing education in energetic and dedicated fashion. She freely gave of herself, expecting nothing in return. She was indeed a blessing to those of us who knew her, even if only a little bit. Her presence will deeply be missed by me and many, many others in the UPCEA community. Thank you, Linda, for a life well-lived.

  16. Linda Glessner was an astonishingly energetic, sincere, dedicated professional and friend. I am so terribly saddened by her death. She and I consulted over the paralegal program at UT and her initiative and entrepreneurial spirit enabled that program to become a great success. Her enthusiasm, good sense and generous nature will be greatly missed.

  17. I was just so saddened to hear about Linda’s passing. She was one of the most generous, intelligent, interesting and just wonderful people I have ever known. In working with her for a year as a consultant, I found her to be devoted and passionate about education, a consummate professional, dedicated to the betterment of her department, a true advocate for her staff and someone who could truly be looked up to. I will never forget her, she will truly be missed and the world will always be a litter grayer for her passing.

  18. I received the news of Linda’s passing with great disbelief and sadness. I had the pleasure of knowing her and working with her on several projects over the last decade and was always impressed by her professionalism, high level of energy and sunny disposition. At our last meeting in June of 2012 she was very enthusiastic about a possible international collaboration between our two universities. Having her as a colleague and a friend was a real privilege and the whole Association will feel her loss.

  19. Linda was a great role model and colleague. Her incredible energy will be missed. Her innate ability to see the strengths of individuals aided her in putting together teams of people who could get things done. She had the ability to mediate any situation and diffuse conflict among those trying to negotiate a deal — and all along keep the focus of the outcome in mind. She was fearless. And inspired the rest of us to be.

  20. Like so many others before me here, I too was so shocked and saddened by our loss. I first met Linda through her predecessor and my good friend, Dean Judy Ashcroft. Similarly to Judy, Linda brought such a wonderful spirit, love of life and intense passion to change & improve education. She so elegantly carried forth the values of CIE, and yet carved out a whole new frontier with her incredible team. I’m honored to have been brought in as a friend and advisor of CIE – and more especially of Linda’s. I always looked forward to our time together both personally and professionally – she was truly inspirational, fun and so creative. We’d laugh because we’d get on so many different tangents and struggled finding our way back to cover every little idea. I’m sure gonna miss that! May caring and healing surround her family, CIE team and friends.

  21. Linda was a champion of advancing adult education in Texas and throughout the United States. She was a leader at the University of Texas, Austin, and served with distinction on the board of directors for the University Professional & Continuing Education Association. I have had the honor to serve on the UPCEA board with Linda for several years and her passion for the field was inspiring. I will truly miss her intelligence, her humor and committment to adult learning. She was a marvelous woman who inspired many of us and will be long remembered for all the contributions she made professionally and of course personally to the many people she touched. God bless you, Linda.

  22. I have known Linda for several years through University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), serving on commissions and the Board with her. I enjoyed her upbeat attitude and approach to living and working. She was excited about everything and wanted to share experiences as well as to know about my ‘stories’. It was fun to with and/or around her. She was deeply committed to higher continuing education and all the programming that met the educational needs of all students, especially adults. She thrived on the opportunity to lead the UT Austin CE unit to provide such services.

    It was just this past June while in Washington DC (attending the UPCEA Board meeting) she and I along with other colleagues shared a dinner experience talking about life, jobs, as well as fun and serious topics. It is hard to believe that Linda is gone — but not from my thoughts. I will certainly miss her professionally as well as personally. My sympathies go out to her family.

  23. Words can’t express the loss I felt when I received news of her passing. At a formal level she was my first boss at CAPSO, Texas A&M University but at a personal level she was a mentor, guide and champion of my ambitions. She has helped me immensely in my formative years at Texas A&M University and after that as I embarked on a professional career. Whenever I’ve been in doubt I have always turned to her to be the voice of reason and the eternal optimist in causes she truly believed in.

    My regret is that I hadn’t seen her recently and that is a hole that cannot be filled. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends and those near and dear to her. As with me, I am certain that she inspired and guided many during her life’s journey.

    Thank you Dr. Glessner for being the person you were and for the impact that you had on me, which time won’t erode.

  24. I, too, met Linda through an Austin running group. As busy as I knew she was, she still was the person who made the time to get to know each of us, and organize social events. Our paths only crossed briefly, but I enjoyed her energy, and I remember her fondly. My condolences to her loved ones. I am saddened to hear she’s left us, and I’m sure her spirit will remain.

  25. I met Linda for the first time in August 2008 not knowing that meeting would lead to a great professional opportunity I have enjoyed ever since. I will always remember her energy and excitement put in to every aspect of her work and her expectations for others to follow a strong example. I’ve missed not seeing her in the building as frequently as I used to since she relocated and this loss will still leave memories and examples to follow for a lifetime. I appreciated not only her professionalism but her openness when needed to truly appreciate the people she worked with and was always there when needed. She will be missed and we’ll carry on in a spirit to make her proud.

  26. It was shocking to hear about Dr. Glessner’s illness, and tragic to hear of her passing. She had a great deal left to do and her enthusiasm and interest in innovation was inspiring. We will do our best to continue her vision and honor her commitment in our work, but it will be challenging without her leadership. My sincere condolences to Linda’s loved ones.

  27. Deepest sympathies to Linda’s family.

    I met Linda almost a decade ago through UCEA/UPCEA, and she was always an amazing colleague and fantastic partner with our committees and conferences. Her passion and enthusiasm was always apparent and she made me feel at ease and a part of something great from the moment I met her.

    I still tell the story of how she convinced Paula Deen to come out of the kitchen to spend a few minutes with our group while visiting Savannah at the UCEA Marketing Conference. She refused to leave the doorway to the kitchen while being courteous to every member of the staff and simultaneously not accepting “no” from any of them until Paula said “yes.”

    I don’t remember a single thing Paula said that night, but I remember Linda’s perfect combination of Southern charm, class and assertiveness that made her such an incredible force and so great to be around.

    Very sad for her passing, but I can’t help but smile when I think of her. God bless, Linda.

  28. Dr. Glessner was graceful, confident, poised and a leader. She left quite a positive impression on me the few times that I came in contact with her. She was driven, very down to earth and easy to talk to. I am very fortunate to have crossed her path.

  29. Linda was a great friend and a wonderful colleague. Whether we were meeting for tapas or working on a project together, she radiated enthusiasm and joy. She touched so many people and I, like so many others, will continue to be inspired by her energy and her passion.

  30. I knew Linda through our mutual involvement in UPCEA where we served together on commissions and board of directors. Linda had a presence that lifted those around her to a higher level of engagement and of dedication to the goals at hand. She really lit up the room!
    When I think of Linda I am reminded of the quote from author Alex Haley, “Find the good and praise it.” Linda did much that was worthy of praise and was a truly good person! I send my condolences to Linda’s family and wide circle of friends.

  31. My condolences go out to the family of Dr. Linda Glessner.

    I met Linda almost five years ago through a mutual friend and since then I can say that she was one of the most special and loving people that I know. Linda always accepted everyone and always showed enthusiasm with whatever we did. Whether it was meeting for lunch or shopping or going to a meeting, Linda always made every situation fun and exciting. She was very much an inspiration to me. Linda always made me want to do better for myself. She also made it a point to give guidance to my children. Linda will be dearly missed. I will keep the memories I have of her close to my heart. Everytime I think of her crazy stories I smile and thank God that I was able to enjoy countless moments with her.

    Linda you will be missed,

    Laura C. Rodriguez

  32. My sincere condolences to Linda’s family. Every time we meet for a meal, she would mention about her family members…a brother whom she would like to have move here…the excitement of seeing her niece getting married…she was a person that held her family and friends close to her heart.

    She would never fail to mention that she was grateful for the support from her staff and colleagues as well as people that she would meet along the way. She felt there was always something new to learn from everyone as well as give back to those in need.

  33. Linda, you will be missed by many. Thank you for all your contributions, love and support to those around you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    Katy Hackerman

  34. I just came to know that Dr. Linda Glessner is no longer with us. What a sad, devastating news. I came to know her through University Professional and Continuing Education Association. She was one of the most inspiring continuing educators I have ever met, a true role model, and inspired me to remain in this profession. It’s a great loss for all of us in this profession. May her soul rest in peace.

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